At the beginning of our process we focus our expertise, effort and resources on getting to know your company intimately and the professional skills you are seeking for each position. This is accomplished through a precise exchange of information between Mid-Atlantic Recruiters, your company’s hiring managers, and/or departments critical to the hiring process.

Mid-Atlantic Recruiters takes pride in understanding the technical responsibilities and qualifications of your positions. We possess firsthand technical knowledge and this knowledge, coupled with 30 years of recruitment experience, provides us the expertise to assess the skill set of our candidates while understanding the needs of our client companies. This expertise allows Mid-Atlantic Recruiters to identify the most talented professionals in the marketplace, thus earning the trust of our clients.

Mid-Atlantic Recruiters recognizes the importance of successfully matching the needs and personality of our candidates to the work environment. This process ensures candidates not only possess the skills required, but their personality compliments that of the hiring manager and their department. The proper identification of both technical and personal qualifications is critical to meeting the immediate and long-term needs of each organization, as well as contributing to the growth and success of our candidates. Acquiring this thorough understanding allows us to successfully match your company’s needs with the most qualified talent available. Finding this right blend is crucial in securing a successful placement. Mid-Atlantic Recruiters realizes it takes more than talent to build a great team.

Mid-Atlantic Recruiters recognizes the value of educating both clients and candidates prior to and throughout the interview process. Preparation before the interview process can be crucial for both employer and candidate. It is not only necessary for candidates to sell themselves to potential employers, but it is also important for employers to sell themselves to prospective candidates. Frequently, lack of preparation and meaningful feedback derails what would otherwise be a mutual fit. In order to increase the likelihood of a successful match, Mid-Atlantic Recruiters understands the importance of this dynamic and excels in educating and preparing both parties prior to and during the interview process.