For our Professionals, we provide the expertise, network and resources critical to identifying and securing positions in the marketplace. By doing so, our candidates enhance their skill set and marketability, which is necessary in achieving their professional and personal goals. Mid-Atlantic Recruiters recognizes your Career should be more than just a Job.

Our approach to identifying opportunities is based upon 30 years of successful candidate placements. For the seasoned professionals well on their way to achieving their career goals, we seek out and provide the job opportunities they desire. For those candidates trying to find their way, or looking to advance their careers, we carefully listen to their long term goals, and provide the advice, counseling and job opportunities to assist in achieving them. The long term relationships we have built over the past 30 years, with client companies and former candidates, provide us an extensive network to identify current job opportunities and to market qualified candidates.

With respect to our candidates, we listen to their professional objectives and personal requirements. We consider both needs when identifying opportunities in the marketplace. While we understand career advancement and growth are often the catalysts for making a job change, for many, the ideal position also entails the right location, work environment, work/life balance and flexibility. Mid-Atlantic Recruiters is sensitive to your needs and focuses on matching your professional and personal requirements while identifying attractive opportunities.

Subsequent to identifying attractive opportunities, Mid-Atlantic Recruiters recognizes the importance of educating, preparing and communicating with our candidates prior to, and throughout, the interview process. We excel and take pride in ensuring our candidates are well prepared for their interviews, both logistically and technically. Doing so not only contributes to the candidate being comfortable during the interview process, but also increases the likelihood of interviewing well. Finally, we recognize the time and effort it takes to prepare for and go on interviews; therefore, we are committed to providing our candidates with timely and accurate feedback following their interviews. This feedback not only provides an assessment of a company’s interest, but can also be extremely valuable in helping improve a candidate’s interviewing skills.

The services we offer our candidates well exceed identifying interview opportunities. It is our knowledge and expertise with respect to the services listed below which differentiates us from our competition, and increases our candidate’s chance of landing the desired position.

  • Career Guidance – advice to help you achieve your career goals.
  • Resume Preparation – helping prepare a resume for you or helping improve your existing resume (critical to securing interviews).
  • Hidden Opportunities – notifying you of positions which are not publicly advertised.
  • Interview Coaching – assisting with preparation prior to and during the interview process.
  • Feedback – conveying feedback to you subsequent to your interview, and conveying your feedback to the company.
  • Advocate – acting as your personal lobbyist with companies you are interested in exploring.
  • Personal Agent – navigating the offer stage and negotiating on your behalf.
  • Follow-Up – ensuring a smooth transition upon starting your new position.